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Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Tea is something that has so many elements to it.

Serve it it by itself, or with something yummy. Scones, cake, cookies, sandwiches and fruit. It is such a versatile treat that you can turn it into a meal so quickly.

I love having sandwiches, scones, chocolate, oranges or strawberries or whatever I have on hand and making a meal with it. Usually this gets started because my mom or sister is coming over and we want to chat over a small tea.

I have been craving a nice cucumber sandwich and I thought I would make one with a twist. We enjoyed our tea Ā after our fun of photographing our treats.

What you will need?

-Someone who loves tea like you-

-White Sandwich Bread-


-White Vinegar-

-Cream Cheese that is softened –


-Salt and Pepper-

Take your bread and slice all the crust off. Put your bread back into the bag so the bread will not dry out. Cream your cream cheese and cut your scallions with scissors and mix them together. Cut cucumbers in slices and place in a bowl of white vinegar to soak. Spread cream cheese over your slice of bread and then place four cucumber slices on top. Top with some salt and pepper and top with another slice of bread. Finish the bag and then cut into four wedges and serve.