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           Avocados are such a great treat in this house,

we could eat them every day and we would never grow tired of them.

Guacamole is our very favorite. The 99 cent store is selling a bag of Avocados for $1 right now.

What little happy eaters we have right now. Here is a step by step  of our Guacamole recipe made easy. 

Slice up all your Avocados

Taste the avocados

Place all of your pits in a separate bowl, you will be using them to keep the Avocados from going brown.

Next, with a fork mash up your Avocados to your preferred desired texture

Slice your lime

  2 year old Ezra is my helper today 🙂

Squeeze your lime

Combine all ingredients

Squeeze some more lime

Taste your lime

 “not bad mama”

Stir it again

Add some salt

Add some more lime 🙂

Next chop up your tomatoes

Place them in the Guacamole

Taste and test, and add more lime and salt to your preference

Taste with a chip


This would be a good time to put your pits back into your guacamole to keep the color of the avocados green and prevent them from turning dark brown.

Big brother needs to taste test also

But if you have a 2 year old helping you, make sure you don’t leave him a lone with the Guacamole


Observe the wall!

His words? “Mmm Mmmm Mama”

6 Avocados
1/2 Tomato
1/2 Lime
Salt to taste

Slice up all your Avocados and remove their pits. Place pits in a separate bowl because you will use them later to keep your Guacamole from going dark brown. With a fork mash up the Avocados until your desired texture, (I like it smooth with a just a bit of lumps) next add your lime juice and salt. Last dice up your tomato and add to your Guacamole. Taste and add more salt and lime according to your preference.
Serve with chips.
Serving Size 4