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I saw these bulbs online, a while back and I wanted them so much. I liked the rustic feel of them, and wanted to decorate our tree with a rustic touch like this. Due to a tight budget this year, they weren’t something I should be buying.  We have done pretty well keeping our costs down, so when  my sweet Grandmother by marriage gifted us with some lights and bulbs, I got the idea of transforming the bulbs into the ones I had seen. Now all I needed was some material, which I happened to have. It turned into a fairly easy project. I really enjoyed making them and the way they came out.

  • What Materials You Will Need 
  •  Bulbs
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  •  Scrap of Fabric.


Taks some material and with your scissors snip about 1 inch down the material, then with your hands rip the strip all the way off. This creates a wonderful worn fray look.  This is a great project to do while watching a movie with your hubby. I wanted to make a lot of bulbs so I used two different materials, I was up late ripping material  watching a movie.






With some glue, (I used Rubber Cement but I am sure you could us Elmers Glue or even Homemade Glue that I found here) dab two spots on the bulb across the hook from each other.  Place one end of the strip on the dab of glue and wrap around the bulb and place the other end of the strip on the other dab of glue.




Now repeat with the glue and this time cross the material over the first strip, so it makes a cross on the bottom of the bulb.


Repeat and cross again until the bulb is completely covered with material.




Next string some ribbon or some other fabric for the hook.


This project is so fun and really brings a rustic feeling to my fake tree.