Victoria Secret beach hair

Victoria’s Secret models always look gorgeous—from their toes to the ends of their hair. And this is not surprising, because the best makeup artists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, etc. are tirelessly working on them. Separate attention should be paid to girls’ hairstyles, which are incredibly sexy and super stylish. Excellent option for dates! Fortunately, at first glance, cunning hairstyles can be constructed and own hands. On how to repeat the signature hairstyles of Victoria’s Secret Angels, stylist Paul Merritt told us.

Retro curls

“First, use a blow dryer – this trick will smooth out the strands. Then spray some hairspray on your hair and start twisting it with round curling irons in one direction. When the job is done, gently brush your hair with a soft brush.” Voila, a romantic style in the spirit of the 20s is ready! As a side note, unlike Hollywood waves, retro hairstyling does not tolerate sloppiness, so it must look flawless.

Straight and sleek

“For perfectly straight straight styles, add volume to the roots. To do this, apply a lightweight mousse and work through each strand with a hair dryer and a small-diameter round brush. Smoothing serums or oils can help you get rid of “cocks.

A structured ponytail

“The ruffled ponytail from the brand’s sports catalog is easy to do. The main thing is to achieve the right structure. With this task cope with a curling iron 25 mm. After using it, use your fingers on the crown of the head to create volume and curl the hair at the nape of the neck. Make a ponytail right under the occipital bone and wrap the elastic band around the strand. A final touch: apply a gloss serum to the ends to separate them.”

Victoria Secret beach hair

Slicked-back braid

“Use curling tongs to create beach-themed curls like Candice Swainpol. Make sure to spray your hair with curling iron on dry hair for curls that are bouncy and will last longer. Then use a bit of styling gel and braid a wide Dutch braid on the side. To do this, take a strand of hair (its base should be 7.5-10 cm wide and be 2.5 cm thick) from the right side of your head. Put the right strand under the central one crosswise, and then the left strand under the central one crosswise as well. Repeat the movement, intertwining the right and left strands underneath. Then bring the right strand under the central strand and add an extra thin strand to it. Do the same with the left lock. Add hair to the braid, each time adding a small strand while weaving. Secure the braid with a rubber band.

Large loose curls

“The secret to this style is in the direction of the waves. Divide the hair into two equal parts and twist the strands with a cone curler, directing it away from the face. In this case, the larger the sections of hair will be, the cooler the hairstyle will look. Choose a curling iron for your size – it’s easier to get soft curls with a big one.

Fishtail braid

“To replicate Alessandra Ambrosio’s fishtail, arm yourself with a large bottle of styling spray. Without sparing the product, spray it from roots to ends, and only then proceed to braid. Divide your hair into two equal parts without a parting. Take a small strand (all strands should be thin) from one section (better from the bottom) and move it to the other. Do the same on the other side. Repeat until the braid is complete. Secure with an elastic band. For more volume, smooth the braid down with your hands by pulling it in different directions.

Beach Waves

“For those tempting beach curls, roll towel-dried strands around a large curling iron in different directions. Curl the strands gradually: hold the curling iron at the roots for a minute, then do the same with the middle part of the curl and the tip of the strand. When all the strands are curled, gently ruffle the hair with your fingers and apply a special texturizing spray.

How to do Victoria Secret beach hair

1. Start with an evening

The hairstylist advises people with straight hair to start styling in the evening: “Separate slightly damp hair into two sections: the forehead to the crown and the nape of the neck. Make a ponytail of each part and fasten it with a “twister” (you can easily find such hairclips on popular Chinese websites or in cosmetic stores): put your hair through the slot of the twister, spread it along the length of the slot (hold the twister closer to the ends of the hair), and then curl it moving up to the back and form a bun. Go to bed with these two bunches; in the morning, your hair will be slightly curled in voluminous waves,” says Sarah.

2. Curl your hair the right way.

Before using the flat iron/flattening machine, spray a little heat protection spray on your hair: “Then part it and hold it at the crown, leaving the bottom two strands free. Start curling with a curling iron from them, and then “free” on top of the strands, curl them and move on. Important! In no case do not comb the newly obtained curl. Wait for your hair to cool down completely. Also, when choosing the direction of the curl, always turn the curling iron away from your face,” says the star stylist.

3. The ultimate secret to natural curls: Don’t curl your ends.

Sarah also shared the secret to relaxed, natural-looking curls that other stylists don’t tell you about: “Never curl your hair, leaving at least 5cm of it natural. If a lock is curled from root to tip, the curl always looks artificial, forced and pretentious. Don’t overdo it!”.

4. Brush your hair the right way.

As we mentioned above, after you’re done curling, let your curls cool down completely. Then take a wide comb, spray it with a hair fixer and gently brush your hair once. Just once.

5. Take hand cream with you.

To keep your style perfect throughout the day, carry any hand cream in your purse. According to the star hairstylist, warming up a small amount of this product in the palms of your hands can give texture to the ends of your hair or remove static electricity by simply touching cream-soaked hands to the frizzy strands.