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I was looking for a rich chocolate mousse this last weekend and my sister recommend Whipped Coconut Cream Chocolate Mouse, garnished with Whipped Coconut Cream. With only three ingredients, which I always have on hand, (Cream from a can of Coconut Milk, dark coca powder and 3 tablespoons sugar) this mousse did not disappoint me. My sister has a great step by step  “How To” tutorial for Whipped Coconut Cream here which you can also use for the Mousse.

After whipping it up I started to get excited. The coca powder  adds to the  consistency of the whipped Cream, which makes it a thicker density. When I dolloped the whipped coconut cream on top and sprinkled some pomegranate seeds for garnish I was so excited to taste it. Low and behold, this pudding was smooth and velvety and  hit that perfect chocolate craving I was in need of.

It serves two but certainly is rich in flavor and a little bite goes a long way.

Whipped Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse
1 Can of Coconut Milk
3 Tablespoons dark Coca powder
3-4 Tablespoons Sugar

Place a can of coconut milk in the fridge 24 hours before you make your mousse. I have to increase the temperature in my fridge to make sure the cream on the top of the can gets frozen but not crystalized. When your can is ready to use open and scoop out the cream on top thats on top of the water. With an electric mixer start whipping the cream. Once it starts to thicken add 3 tablespoons sugar. Whip until mixed. Remove about 3 tablespoons of the whipped cream and set aside for garnish. Next add your Cocoa Powder, whip until thick. Place your Chocolate Mousse in your cups and garnish with whipped cream and pomegranate.

Enjoy 🙂

If you are interested in further Coconut recipes, feel free to visit my sister at Making Today Beautiful 🙂